Tips for Travelling Alone

If you are thinking of taking a vacation alone, there are some considerations and things to think about that can help make your trip as enjoyable and relaxing as possible:

Be aware of Single Supplement fees

Providers, especially cruise companies, will often try and make up the money they are losing as you are not bringing a companion. Make sure you are aware of the fees first, and in order to avoid them, you can always ask to room with another single traveller, which is a great way to meet new people.

Review ratings

See what other people have to say about the facilities, as you will likely be taking advantage of the amenities and using the different facilities on offer. For example, the pool may be important as you will find yourself reading and swimming to relax. In addition, the WiFi may also be important so that, in the evening, you are able to stream movies or catch up on emails or social media.

Make friends

Travelling alone is not something that you are…well, alone, in. Lots of people travel alone so it is easy to connect with like-minded travellers! Groups of parties and couples are also great options to make friends and enjoy with. If you are uncomfortable or unable to meet people or make friends at the bar or the pool, or out and about, you can also find apps and websites that will put you in touch with others in your area.

Enjoy the food

This may sound strange but it can be very relaxing to enjoy a meal alone. It allows you to take your time, enjoy the flavours, the views and the quiet which, for many, may be a significant change for people with families, roommates and/or kids.

Rise and shine

Getting up early gives you endless possibilities for a long, eventful and fulfilling day!