The Changing Narrative of Mauritius’ Story

As the BBC reminds us, Mark Twain was convinced that ‘Heaven was copied after Mauritius’. Many people, both locals, and those who have visited once or visit regularly would agree. From the breezy beach, to the clear water and the tall palm trees, it is hard to find anything wrong with the views and landscape. Mauritius, however, is so much more than just beaches and postcard worthy views.

Recently, Mauritius has become increasingly popular as a destination for tourists, expats and those looking for a long term island lifestyle. Attention has been given to the diverse and interesting cultures and the melting pot that the island is becoming.

For example, Port Louis is a hub of activity in the morning with the market being a popular spot for morning shopping, coffee, visits and breakfast. This is where the majority of people who live in Port Louis and even the surrounding areas buy their groceries. You will hear French, Creole and even Hindi being spoken at the market and see products from a variety of cultural backgrounds and places.

News, blogs, social media and other outlets for communication and information often focus on the luxury resorts and high class accommodations and vacations that the island has to offer, but it is important to also understand, acknowledge and appreciate the rich and diverse culture that makes up this beautiful island. The people are as beautiful as the beaches and there is increasing attention being given to this, as resorts have started to share the spotlight with locals and a different type of experience on the island.

The people of the island who have settled here and the history of it ranges from pirates to slaves to farmers and everything in between, and this story is starting to be told more and more by national and international news and information outlets.