That Vacation You Deserve

Sometimes we find it hard to justify treating ourselves to a new pair of jeans, let alone a vacation. It can be hard to find reasons as to why we deserve to go away and have a luxurious fun filled trip. Even if we could find the perfect reason to go away, it is hard to find the time. Between work, kids, family, friends, hobbies and all of our other commitments, there is no time to fly under the radar or jet set hundreds of miles away.

We are here to help you justify your trip because you do deserve it! Here are some of the reasons why a luxurious vacation is not only deserved, but needed:

  • Studies have shown that travel is linked to better overall mental health and wellbeing as it reduces stress and increases our mental clarity. This means that trip you’ve been meaning to take can actually help you clear your head
  • Studies have also shown a link between vacations and physical health because travel reduces stress and it can help with things like blood pressure, cholesterol and other potential health issues.
  • Vacations can help you explore new cultures and experiences which can expose you to things that can be transferable to different situations like work or parenting.

All of that may be well and good but what about finding the time to take this vacation? Well the weather doesn’t have to be cold for you to get away, sometimes you can find deals on off season and it may be easier to get time off work and away from commitments at lower and off peak seasons as well as away from typical holidays and other busy times. Fall and Spring are great times as late fall can be a depressing and grey time of year.