Island Life; Where to Experience the best of the best

Island life is something that appeals to some and doesn’t to others. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city and looking for a slower paced lifestyle, here are some of the top islands to consider moving to:

  • 1. Hawaii’s Big Island

The population is only 200 000 or so despite being a massive island. It is an island that has beautiful beaches, great food, friendly people and surfing that is out of this world. Many who have moved here have reported to be happy with their decision.

  • 2. New Zealand

Clean air is a draw for many as the islands offer all the big city amenities like police, good healthcare and education but without the smog or the hustle and bustle. Markets sell fresh food, people are easy going and the air is quite literally fresher than any other place.

  • 3. Bahamas

The Bahamas is an ideal choice because it has everything from luxury islands for those looking to spend a few million on a new abode to more humble new beginnings for those who may be looking to downsize or experience a quieter life. There are authentic islands and those that include a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds.

  • 4. Roatan, Honduras

More secluded and less known than other places, Roatan offers undeveloped land that is gorgeous and more and more Americans are taking advantage of this. There is lots of potential and the area is very up and coming, and for good reason.

  • 5. Mauritius

Though it is known primarily as a tourist destination, Mauritius has lots to offer those who are looking for a longer term or even permanent stay. From beaches to culture, there is something for everyone no matter your origin or even your budget.

These are just a few islands that are appealing to people who may be considering moving from the big city.