Island Life; the Best and Worst of Living on an Island

If you have ever considered moving to paradise, Mauritius or any other island for that matter, or even if you have simply wondered what island life is like, we will help paint the picture for you. Below are some of the best and less than ideal parts of living on a small island:

Sense of Community

  • On the plus side; small islands, for the most part tend to have a familiar feeling; even if you personally don’t have family on the island, you’re sure to find one if you move or decide to stay long term. Ex-pats, retirees and others who have visited small islands report the sense of community to be overwhelmingly loving and prominent.
  • BUT; you may feel homesick or secluded at times because frankly, you’re on a remote island. It is important to be aware of and prepare for this and take measures to ensure that you look after your emotional well being.

The Beach

  • On the plus side; the views are beautiful to say the least with overwhelmingly gorgeous ocean views and colours to sunsets that will take your breath away and there is nothing comparable to the landscape and the contrast of the warm sand and the blue waters.
  • BUT; if you are not used to having sand everywhere, and we mean everywhere, then this may be an annoyance or issue, especially if you have kids or little ones. In addition, sometimes living by the ocean causes you to take the ocean and the beach for granted, unlike when vacationing where you are there to take full advantage!


  • On the plus side; the food is fresh, meaning that your body and mind will thank you for the pure, fresh nutrients with less or no refined sugars or processed food.
  • BUT; depending on the island, the food can be bland, repetitive and can also take a while for your body to get used to.