Food; a Key Part of the Culture of Mauritius

Incredible food is a big part of the culture in Mauritius. From world-class restaurants to fresh flavours in local cafes, Mauritius has a lot to offer regarding cuisine. There are a few, not so secret, ingredients that make the tastes of the island unique. The first desirable ingredient is the succulent seafood that comes straight from the fresh and calm waters of the Indian Ocean. The second is the sweet, ripe fruit and vegetables that are grown to perfection as a result of damp soil and hot sun. The spices are also an essential part of making the food taste great. The final key element isn’t an ingredient at all; it is the love and passion put into the food by the chefs.

  • Fusion is a big part of the country’s cuisine as the nation is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. Fusion combinations mix everything from French, Indian, Chinese, Creole and other flavours. Some of these fusion combinations are incredibly unique, and it is unlikely you will find them anywhere else. Seafood is typically at the centre of the plate and the delicious dishes.
  • Fresh and tropical flavours are the best ways to describe the fruit and vegetables grown on Mauritian soil. Pineapples, grapefruit and bananas are all fruits that you can find in this country.
  • Bakeries and baked goods are also increasingly popular, with the French to thank for this.
  • Fine dining; there are Michelin star restaurants to be found, despite the island being small and condensed. The quality of the restaurants and the chefs behind them make the food even more flavourful and tasty.

Food is an essential part of any national culture, and more spotlight should be given to the flavours of Mauritius, if, and when, deciding to visit and see the country.