Enjoying a Paradise Resort That is Different

There are many different resorts that are ready, willing and able to pamper the guests that choose their location as a paradise resort. One of the most recent ones to be added to the roster is Club Med.

Who is This Resort Attracting?

While Mauritius has the ability to attract visitors from all around the world, with the addition of the Club Med resort it seems as those it has become an attraction for those in Kenya who are looking for some exceptional and different.

The Club Med D’Albion

To begin with, this is one big spacious resort comprised of 54 acres. They are most proud of offering an all-inclusive package. Some guests believe that a three-day stay at this resort is not enough to pack in all that is being offered. While here guests find that there are some distinct differences compared to some of the other resorts they have enjoyed. One of the major differences being as to how the staff mingle with the guests. Most guests are quite impressed as this creates a much warmer and more inviting atmosphere.


A commonly enjoyed amenity at many resorts include live entertainment. At this particular resort you need to be ready to be a participant. Even to the point where you will have an opportunity to join a professional trapeze artist in some stunts. Strictly on a voluntary basis of course.

Another great example of being involved in the entertainment is the chance to try some archery. Or perhaps some tennis or water sports.

With 54 acres it stands to reason that there would be a lot going on. But not of this replaces all of the other amazing features that come with a quality luxury resort like so many in Mauritius which includes being pampered and being able to relax in a paradise setting.