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The Political Landscape of Mauritius

Mauritius’ political landscape is not the definition of stable, with the current acting Vice-President being Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory. His role came to be, as the previous president, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, resigned in March of 2018. She was the first female to be chosen as president of the country, which was a considerable feat. The issue was that she received accusations of spending tens of thousands of rupees on personal items, that included clothing, jewellery, shoes, etc., and she did so with a card issued by a well known international charity. The money was intended for scholarships for impoverished students who were in need. Gurib-Fakim denies these accusations and claims to have repaid all of the cash that was spent

Pravind Kumar Jugnauth was named prime minister after his father, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, resigned from the position. He was undoubtedly well qualified for the role, having been the Minister of Finance. This was not too long ago, only January 2017. Despite it seeming to be an ever-changing, rolling cycle of leaders, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth was the longest-serving leader, having held his role as prime minister since the independence of Mauritius in 1968. He was the leader of the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) Party, and this also made him the minister of finance and interior issues/affairs. The MSM party and the Labour Party had held power since 1968, except for the period from 1982-1983, as well as 2003-2005, when there were brief periods of others running the country.

The politics in the country are not the most stable, with the party not being favoured by everyone, and considered to be somewhat controversial. The state formally operates under the structure of parliamentary democracy which means there are three branches including the legislative, executive and judiciary branches. The democratic system also means there are multiple parties. There is a President as well as a Prime minister in Mauritius.

Great Options For Employment at Mauritius Resorts

The island of Mauritius is highly recognized for many things. For visitors, to them it is a tropical paradise. There are many resorts here that are capitalizing on the island’s natural beauty and its pristine environment. For others that live here, these attributes can be used for their benefit by way of employment. The resorts here are kept busy catering to their guests and in order to do this, there has to be properly qualified staff on hand to assist them.

Looking for Resort Employment

Residents wanting employment if this field don’t need to look too far. There are plenty of employment resources that they can rely on for seeking out positions. There are many different types of positions that require different skills.

Call Centre Agent

Many of resorts are extremely busy and need to have someone on staff that can act as a liaison with the guests. They are often considered to be the front line of the customer service. How well the individual performs their related tasks reflects back on the resort. Therefore, this is considered to be an important position.

Food and Beverage Manager

The cuisine and refreshments that are available at every resort are critically important to the quality of the resort. The food and beverages manager not only require the appropriate knowledge but being in a managerial position means they must be able to bring out the best in their staff.

Housekeeping Manager-

One can only imagine the importance of this position. The applicant filling this job not only has to be able to multi-task and work under pressure, but also has to be a team leader.

These are just a few of many examples of the type of employment that can be available through the resorts. These are comprised of both entry level positions as well as at the management level.

Enjoying a Paradise Resort That is Different

There are many different resorts that are ready, willing and able to pamper the guests that choose their location as a paradise resort. One of the most recent ones to be added to the roster is Club Med.

Who is This Resort Attracting?

While Mauritius has the ability to attract visitors from all around the world, with the addition of the Club Med resort it seems as those it has become an attraction for those in Kenya who are looking for some exceptional and different.

The Club Med D’Albion

To begin with, this is one big spacious resort comprised of 54 acres. They are most proud of offering an all-inclusive package. Some guests believe that a three-day stay at this resort is not enough to pack in all that is being offered. While here guests find that there are some distinct differences compared to some of the other resorts they have enjoyed. One of the major differences being as to how the staff mingle with the guests. Most guests are quite impressed as this creates a much warmer and more inviting atmosphere.


A commonly enjoyed amenity at many resorts include live entertainment. At this particular resort you need to be ready to be a participant. Even to the point where you will have an opportunity to join a professional trapeze artist in some stunts. Strictly on a voluntary basis of course.

Another great example of being involved in the entertainment is the chance to try some archery. Or perhaps some tennis or water sports.

With 54 acres it stands to reason that there would be a lot going on. But not of this replaces all of the other amazing features that come with a quality luxury resort like so many in Mauritius which includes being pampered and being able to relax in a paradise setting.

The Mauritius Fruit Bat: A Need for Protection

The Mauritius Fruit Bat is known to be the only remaining native mammal on the island. It is what is known as a large megabat species and is also known as the Mauritian Flying fox. In July 2018, its conservation status was upgraded to the endangered category, meaning that in the future it is very likely to become extinct. This is what happened on the island of Reunion in the 18th century.

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is understandably profoundly concerned about this turn of events. They are convinced that the loss of population of the bat is a direct result of the official cull which took place in 2015 and 2016. Even at that time, conservationists argued that the slaughter wasn’t necessary, despite its approval from the government as a way of controlling the species.

The cull was initially organised to cut the population of the Mauritius Fruit Bat, as it was believed to number over 100000. They were said to be causing significant damage to the banana, pineapple and lychee crops, thus putting the country’s export trade at risk. The cull was supposed to have wiped out over 40% of the bat population, leading to widespread condemnation.

Specialist and expert groups have warned that the extinction of the fruit bat would have a shocking impact on the biodiversity of the island, as the bats play an essential role in the pollination of native flowers, and the dispersal of their seeds. Other threats to the bat include illegal hunting, the loss of their natural habitat and cyclones. At the time of the cull, 80% of the Mauritian islanders opposed it.

Today, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is doing its utmost to ensure the future of the fruit bat, holding workshops to research the problem of preserving the island’s fruit humanely. Proposals include the use of netting to protect the crops. It can only be hoped that their efforts are successful.

The Role of Mauritius in the Paradise Papers Scandal

The Paradise Papers were the exciting, and unsurprising, sequel to the Panama Papers, an ongoing investigation series in the world of the offshore sector. This time, the Paradise Papers investigation is targeting Mauritius, as it has arguably become a high profile money dumping zone for celebrities and investors.

The Paradise Papers has sparked an international investigation, exposing secret and previously hidden information in the offshore industry. These offshore accounts are where celebrities, wealthy socialites and high profile individuals bury and dump excess money. Since this offshore sector took off around 1989, different governments and high profile investors have tried to give Mauritius a final push to become an offshore hub. 1992 was the year that they finally became a big player in the offshore world, and now over 16000 companies and investment brokers offer Mauritius as an offshore option.

Since it has become a hub, the money received from the offshore sector makes up nearly 5% of the entire country’s GDP, and this number will continue to grow, as Mauritius is ideal for businesses, as it sits at the perfect crossroads between Asia and Africa.

The fact that the offshore sector makes up 5% of the GDP means the country is becoming increasingly dependent on the offshore industry, indicating that the companies, and those who invest, may be more implicated than intended.

Some argue that the offshore sector has been created by the elite to avoid or lessen taxes and to conceal or make money disappear. There is undoubtedly a fine line between tax optimisation and straight up tax evasion. Companies should walk this line very carefully, and be aware of the legalities. The offshore sector has some dark secrets, and so it is an industry that requires a deep understanding, and insight, to ensure it stays honest and legal.

Mauritius Today; Growth, Heritage and Art

Mauritius is, as we have mentioned over and over again on this site, more than white sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters; it is a culturally rich and exciting place to explore with heritage, art and diversity unlike anywhere you have ever been. It has only been just over 50 years since this country became independent, and since then, it has continued to expand, to be one of the most diverse places that can be found on the Indian Ocean. Let’s take an in-depth look at the culture, arts and heritage that give Mauritius so much personality and a dynamic backdrop.

Cultural Diversity

As we have discussed and mentioned a few times, the country is a mix of French, Indian, Creole and Chinese people who, despite their ethnicities, have a sense of national pride that is indescribable. Recent news, events and claims to fame, are rooted in their famous hospitality and welcoming nature.

The empire, and colonial, days of the country were mostly under the French or British rule, and much of this remains evident in today’s culture. The first ever visitors to this beautiful island were spice traders and Arabian seafarers, who were followed closely by the Dutch, as well as Portuguese empire builders. In hot pursuit were the British, who took over with a firey reign until French farmers and plantation owners arrived with slaves from countries such as Madagascar. The Indian and Chinese populations did not come until the 19th century and brought goods, crafts and religion.

This diversity is what makes the country unique, and has created a society that is forward thinking and innovative. This can be seen by the recent challenge, and speaking out, over the sovereignty of the Chagos islands and their own independence.

More recent evolution has caused Mauritius to develop and move towards more modern practices and infrastructure, with all the signs pointing to continued expansion in jobs and economic wellbeing.

Recent News; Mauritius’ World Famous Golf

Mauritius is full of beaches and activities for all. Not only is it a great place to play golf leisurely but it is also the host to golf tournaments and games for the pros as well. The Four Seasons hosts theMauritius Open. South African golfer Frittelli found this tournament a key part of his career as it helped his name make the list of top 50 golfers on the Official World Golf Rankings and therefore hold Mauritius in high regard. The tournament is hosted in what is, for many, considered to be winter but in Mauritius it is warm and perfect golf weather in November and December.

The course at the Four Seasons is known to be both beautiful and challenging. It is sponsored by large companies, organizations and luxury brands to match the luxurious feel of the course and the island. Hosting large and world recognized tournaments such as this draws tourists and golfers alike. There are golfers from all over the world who come to play the courses both on and off the various resorts.

The Four Seasons golf course is especially unique as it was designed by a pro golfer Ernie Els and was designed with pro golf in mind. The course was designed so perfectly that it hosted the AfrAsia Masters for 5 years in a row, from 2010 to 2014. The course was also designed with 6 holes that allow golfers to play beside the breathtaking and humbling Indian Ocean.

Events like these put Mauritius on the map and beyond just the benefits to the golf community but also stimulate the economy of the country, draw tourists and help Mauritius become an increasingly independent and stable nation. It has helped make Mauritius make a name for itself and increase its popularity amongst European and international travelers.

Food; a Key Part of the Culture of Mauritius

Incredible food is a big part of the culture in Mauritius. From world-class restaurants to fresh flavours in local cafes, Mauritius has a lot to offer regarding cuisine. There are a few, not so secret, ingredients that make the tastes of the island unique. The first desirable ingredient is the succulent seafood that comes straight from the fresh and calm waters of the Indian Ocean. The second is the sweet, ripe fruit and vegetables that are grown to perfection as a result of damp soil and hot sun. The spices are also an essential part of making the food taste great. The final key element isn’t an ingredient at all; it is the love and passion put into the food by the chefs.

  • Fusion is a big part of the country’s cuisine as the nation is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. Fusion combinations mix everything from French, Indian, Chinese, Creole and other flavours. Some of these fusion combinations are incredibly unique, and it is unlikely you will find them anywhere else. Seafood is typically at the centre of the plate and the delicious dishes.
  • Fresh and tropical flavours are the best ways to describe the fruit and vegetables grown on Mauritian soil. Pineapples, grapefruit and bananas are all fruits that you can find in this country.
  • Bakeries and baked goods are also increasingly popular, with the French to thank for this.
  • Fine dining; there are Michelin star restaurants to be found, despite the island being small and condensed. The quality of the restaurants and the chefs behind them make the food even more flavourful and tasty.

Food is an essential part of any national culture, and more spotlight should be given to the flavours of Mauritius, if, and when, deciding to visit and see the country.

Island Themed Slot Games

Casinos offer all forms of exciting gambling entertainment. Part of this is the opportunity to play slot games that have different themes attached to them. While there are many themes to choose from, one of the favourites of many are those that have an island theme to them. Part of the enjoyment comes from the illusion that the player has escaped to a wonderful island retreat.

All Types of Casinos

Both on land casinos as well as online casinos offer a full selection of slot games. It should never be difficult to find at least a few that are comprised of the island theme.

Online Casino Play

For those that are playing casino games on their computer or mobile devices there are opportunities to see what the online sites are offering by way of slot play. Checking out the should give an interested party a chance to find some great island themed slots.

Island of Galapagos

When one thinks of islands of course they are going to consider the creatures that may be found here. This slot is going to make it clear as to what can be found on the island of Galapagos. The slot is full of feature bonuses that are comprised of the wilds as well as locked reveals. This slot is provided by High 5 Games.

Tropical Treat

There is nothing better than a tropical island and this Tropical Treat slot game supports that. It is a progressive slot which means one could end up with a huge win. It has the free spin feature which is a favourite of almost every slot game player.

Triple Toucan

Naturally if one is visiting a paradise island they will expect to see a toucan or two. So, this Triple Toucan slot game fits in quite nicely with the island theme. There are plenty of wilds and gathering the toucans can set one up for some extra wins.

Important Historic Milestones for Mauritius

To understand Mauritius’ present and current situation, we must understand their past, and the critical milestones that helped the country evolve to be what it is today.

In March 1968, Mauritius gained its independence from Britain. Despite this, the Queen remains the person in charge and the respected head of state.

Upon receiving and declaring their independence, the country developed a new flag that was symbolic. The red stripe was a symbol of blood that was shed when slavery and suffering were a sacrifice made during colonisation. It also represents the self-determination, and the struggle that was fought as the island sought independence. The yellow stripe in the middle is the light associated with autonomy and the sunshine that is related to the country’s bright future. Finally, the green line was, and still is, symbolic of the greenery that can be seen and enjoyed all over the island.

  • The 1970s were a time when nature was at risk, but the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation was formed to combat this. It worked towards and successfully saved, many endangered species of birds including the Mauritius Kestrel, the Echo Parakeet as well as the Pink Pigeon, all three that were almost extinct.
  • The 1990s marked what is now known formally as the First Economic Miracle, when the post-colonial time allowed the economy to boom, with the manufacturing sector taking off, and realising great success. Tourism was booming and continued to grow, and the sugar industry also contributed to the unprecedented and impressive growth of the economy.
  • 1992 was the year that Mauritius became an official republic after 24 years of independence.
  • 1994 was a time that was traumatic for Mauritius, as it was devastated by Cyclone Hollanda, but it was also a year that showed the country’s strength as they banded together to rebuild their beloved nation.