Best Mauritius Resorts

If you’re planning on visiting Mauritius to experience its beautiful beaches, decadent cuisine or rich culture, you will have no issue finding a resort that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa

Relaxation is the name of the game as Hilton sprinkles its reputation as an above and beyond place to stay in Mauritius. It is a great wedding and event venue as well as a great spot for a girls’ trip. The diversity of the property and amenities make it a great choice for a luxurious and relaxing stay. Not only are the rooms and facilities beautiful but there are amenities that range from dolphin watching to snorkeling and water skiing.

The Oberoi, Mauritius

This resort is situated right in the middle of a beautiful tropical garden, making it feel as close to paradise as you can get. This resort is a great place to experience the wildlife both aquatic and on land that Mauritius has to offer. There is a marine park nearby called Turtle Bay where you can see some of the most captivating coral reefs. Adding to the theme of natural luxury, the sunsets are breathtaking and said to be some of the best around from the rooms and facilities at the Oberoi.

Four Seasons

Another world renound name, The Four Seasons have cut no corners with their resort in Mauritius. The resort is family friendly so you can bring all of your loved ones, but there is also an option for a more romantic, quiet stay. There is something for everyone. From a lagoon to a golf course, you won’t even need to leave the resort during your stay as there are amenities and activities for everyone.

The four seasons resort Mauritius has everything, a tourist might be ever looking for. You can spend some ideal time playing with your family in the lagoon. It has an ultimate combination of romance, relaxation and adventures.