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Welcome to your one stop shop for everything you need to know to plan and even justify your next vacation.

First, you will learn all about Mauritius, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. It is best known for its beaches, natural beauty, rainforests, lagoons and reefs. The island boasts many amenities and attractions that bring tourists from far and wide. The mountains draw explorers and adventurers, the wildlife attracts nature lovers, the fishing towns entice foodies and the beaches lure the sunbathers. Learn about why millions of people from everywhere from Europe to India make the trip to Mauritius every year!

You will also discover recent news and current events in the world of island life, namely in Mauritius. Learn about the rich history and culture and the implications that a complicated past can have on the present political, economic and social state of a nation as unique as Mauritius.

In addition, if the descriptions and photos of the white sand and clear waters aren’t enough to draw you in, we have a plethora of reasons why you deserve a vacation. Whether you feel you cannot afford to travel or you simply can’t find the time, we have ways around all of the obstacles and barriers that are preventing you from experiencing an unforgettable tropical getaway. From how to travel in the off season to how travelling can actually help your overall health and well being, we have all of the ways that you can and will be able to travel in luxury!